Dan Reynoldson

Senior Mortgage Lender, Team Lead

NMLS#: 1718734
(913) 647-7004

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Sales Manager, Team Builder, Originator

I have been in the mortgage business since 1998 holding a wide range of positions. Nothing is more satisfying than helping a borrower purchase their dream home. I strive to meet all of my borrowers expectations and try to anticipate their needs to make the process a very smooth journey. I am the father of 8 children and spend countless hours coaching them in a variety of sports. Now that my children are older now I am finding more time to fish and golf. and

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KevinJhadder A, hopefully it’s the correct way, the other way just passed the initial stage of the survey

Mary A.
September 01, 2023

It’s a great feeling to have actually been able to have someone like Dan, on my corner all throughout the whole process, though it’s was like the expected rollercoaster, Dan, would anticipate the inevitable uptake of the stress level and “crucially” making the relieving “Calls” and end up with the great lower stress level achieved with his “Consistent Positive Supportive presence and phone calls” it’s a great feeling to have him there for us, me and my wife it’s a Superb understanding and unusual even for or especially for average financial banking institutions Dan was and yet remains an Amazing Source of comforting Support, it’s Greatly appreciated Dan Reynoldson Indeed, Thank you very much!

KevinJhadder A.
September 01, 2023

Dan is great to deal with. Looking forward to my next deal with FFB

Mordechai W.
August 01, 2023

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