Karen Rossetti

Senior Mortgage Lender, Team Lead

NMLS#: 898622
(913) 275-6626

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I am highly organized & a people person

Hi! My name is Karen Rossetti. I am a Senior Mortgage Lender at First Federal Bank’s Overland Park, KS office. I have 9+ years as a residential mortgage loan officer. Refinancing or purchasing a new home is likely the biggest financial decision that your family will make. We’ll work together as a team to find the best mortgage solution that fits your family’s specific situation. I’ll also be available to answer your questions as well as take the time to make sure that you’re comfortable and confident with each financing option we discuss to ensure your mortgage loan experience has the highest level of customer service. Personally I have been married for almost 25 years to my husband Vince and we have two daughter’s (22 & 16). I love to watch my beloved KU Jayhawks, KC Chiefs, KC Royals and Sporting KC. I also love to travel near and far….as long as there is a beach!

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The communication was fantastic and she got back to you asap whenever you had questions or problems.

MaKayla B.
September 17, 2023

Karen was excellent at communication. She would reach out to me often, and, if I had a question, she'd return my call or email. What made the transaction just OK was not really Karen as much as the process. We started the process with Karen very clear we are retired and had significant assets that provide our living expenses and wanted to make sure up front that type of loan would be no problem. We also had a fairly rushed closing goal. Mid way through, the underwriters changed the plans and decided they couldn't do the loan the way they had wanted and then asked for a whole new set of data. This is really where the area for improvement lies. Each day or 2 we'd get a request, full it, wait a day or 2 and then get another request. It felt as though the requests were dribbling out sequentially instead of someone thinking through everything they might need, asking for it, getting it, and moving on. I don't think this was Karen's fault, she just had to be the messenger. For a few weeks this went on and it was very frustrating as I had a mortgage company i've used in Dallas before with this type of transaction that can do it in a few weeks total that we passed on because your rates were slightly better. In hindsight I would have gone with the process/people I know and paid the extra 25 basis points. Karen did as best she could I think in communicating quickly the stream of dribbled out asks, but she wasn't able to fix it. Also, closing was not smooth. Again, probably not Karen's issue but your closing office. Documents were supposed to be sent out on a Friday for Monday morning close but when we got to Title, they didn't have the docs from you. Had to call, get them sent over. After we signed and left, got called back to the title company because your closing dept hadn't sent all the paperwork and there was more they wanted us to sign. Luckily we hadn't left town yet. So overall it felt less professional and smooth than I would have liked. I think Karen's role in facilitating the conversation was done really well, but she had to deal with a process that wasn't flowing well.

Rick L.
September 15, 2023

Very helpful

Melissa D.
August 05, 2023

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